Friday, January 27, 2012

back to the s.a.v.

Mr. P had some business he had to take care of in Savannah the other day, so of course BG and I decided that we should tag along.

Pretty much I was promised lunch at The Crab Shack which means I am totally there.

Also, it's good to get down there and spend some time with my Papa anytime I can. Things are tough for him right now.. Sad.

So we took him to lunch. Only, I guess he took us. Whatever. We all ate lunch and it was good. BG loved The Crab Shack. Perhaps she is my child?

Sidenote: how is one little kid eating an ear of corn so dang cute?!


After lunch, we headed out to the cemetery to take a loot at where my Grandma is buried. While it sucks that we even have to be at that place, I have to say that where she's buried is so gorgeous and there couldn't be a better spot for her to be. It's so beautiful..

breaks my heart...


It is so hard to come home these days and leave him there alone. We'll be back soon though.

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