Saturday, January 21, 2012

project 365: catch up part two & end scene.

WEEK 50:
Sunday, December 11th:

Decorating the tree with Mom.

Monday, December 12th:

Always doing at least three different things.

Tuesday, December 13th:
Hanging out at the doctors. Again.

Wednesday, December 14th:

Hanging out watching a little tv.

Thursday, December 15th:

Friday, December 16th:
This girl is always such a happy kid. You cannot help but smile around her.

Saturday, December 17th:

Hanging out with her pal T.

WEEK 51:
Sunday, December 18th:

The cute reindeer thumbprints BG made. How cute are these?!

Monday, December 19th:

Just cuddling my sweet girl late one night..

Tuesday, December 20th:

Dressed and ready for school! Why does she look so big?!?

Wednesday, December 21st:

BG had a Christmas party at school and had a blast. This is her and her best friend at school enjoying some cupcakes (at ten am; crazy brave teacher).

Thursday, December 22nd:

My favorite picture from our family Christmas Eve. Good thing she's not sassy at all.

Friday, December 23rd:

Stopping for some lunch on the road to Savannah.

Saturday, December 24th:
While we were in town for the holidays, we stopped at Mr. P's old workplace to talk to some of his old employees. Somehow BG manages to acquire a sucker every time we go see Daddy at work. Apparently that is also the case at the store in Savannah.

WEEK 52:
Sunday, December 25th:

Me and my sweet, sweet girl on Christmas. Man I love that girl.

Monday, December 26th:
Ready to get on the road back to South Carolina. Little did we know we'd be headed to the ER.

Tuesday, December 27th:

A sick day at home means a collander can be a toy. No rules on sick days.

Wednesday, December 28th:
Doing her nighttime breathing treatment with Daddy. She is completely zonked out while doing this.

Thursday, December 29th:

After a few days locked inside, the little one had the cabin fever bad. So I bundled her up and took her outside for a bit. It totally did her modd some good.

Friday, December 30th:

I'm obsessed with this child's perfect face. I admit it. I cannot help it.

Saturday, December 31st:

Helping Daddy get dinner ready for the next day.

...and CUT!

While I missed a few days here and there, I am SO glad (and shocked) that I stuck with this.

Also, just for grins and giggles...
Picnik collage365

Holy cow. What a difference a year makes.


Jenny @ Practically Perfect... said...

Congratulations - what an accomplishment! And some of Joe's favorite toys are kitchen things - colanders, spatulas, measuring spoons, plastic containers, and cups! Go figure :-)

Emily said...

I love where she is helping cook and has no pants on and her sparkle shoes! she is too too cute:)

Tiff said...

Every time I see that ornament I think about T smashing them on the floor!

I love the picture of you two on Christmas Day and the diap picture. She gets prettier everyday!

Tiff said...

Oh.. Just noticed. We are now.. No more Baby Blackwell :(

Busana Muslim said...

Very good article. Congratulations.


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