Saturday, January 28, 2012

saturday slam-up

No idea. But "Saturday brain vomit" didn't have the same ring to it.

My child went down for a nap at 9:30 this morning completely shooting in the foot her Mom's desires to shop in town today. Well played little one. I feel like you and your Dad are working on the same team on that one.

Speaking of shopping, I have officially picked out the theme for BG's second birthday. But I'm not telling you yet. Not because I think you'll totally copy me (ha!), but because I need to make sure I can make it happen first. That way you don't show up expecting one thing and then get shocked when I hand you an Abby Cadabby favor bag that I put together at the last minute when my original theme flopped. Keep up with that? I almost didn't.

My instructions from Mr. P on this party are to "not spend too much money". So I'm bound and determined to do 99% of this on my own. Which I did a lot of it on my own last year and thought I did very well fiscally but apparently we have different ideas on that. Fantastic. Good thing I'm up to the challenge.

I've managed to make it almost two years with no poop disasters. I think to date, BG has pooped in the tub maybe once. Mr. P doesn't have the same luck. I swear he manages to get it on him every. single. time. he changes her. No joke. He'll tell you that. I don't know what he does. Then the other day, BG came to me begging to go "pee pee on potty" so we headed over there. I had already gotten her diaper halfway off when I realized it was full. And not of pee pee. Poop everywhere as she sat on the potty and then got up with it smeared all over her. TMI? Oh well. Somehow I didn't learn my lesson after handwashing a potty that day and I let it happen again last night. Only this time? It managed to somehow get all over her run too. In her room. We have ridiculous skills in this house of taking a small mess and making it epic. Freaking disgusting.

We aren't really on the potty training wagon. And that's okay. Because my kid is hard headed to the core and I know that if I push her, it will backfire. So for now, the potty is out and she can sit on it when she wants. I try to get her to sit on it when she gets up and before and after bath time just to get the feel of it. That's it for now. Any tips y'all have would be appreciated.

BG is currently obsessed with writing. She has a pen in hand most of the day. Give her a piece of paper and she's happy as a clam. I was the same way. It makes this Mama heart happy that she may just have inherited my love for writing. ::fingers crossed::

She's also obsessed with her little pals at school. I absolutely LOVE picking her up in the afternoon and hearing about all the fun she had with "Zoie! Emry!" over and over. It's not quite as cute when she is hollering for them at night when she should be sleeping however. She's growing up so fast. I'm sure it will be no time before she'll be having friends over for sleep overs and such. Sigh.... it's going so fast.

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That's all I've got for now. Sunshine is up.


Ashley said...

Ha! You crack me up. I'm sorry about your poop disaster, but it was really funny on this side of it. : ) It is precious that she has so much fun with her friends. I am not surprised that she is Miss Social! Adorable girl!

Amy @ Forever 29 said...

Oh, potty fun times :)

Have fun planning BG's party!

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